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The Smarter Step for your childs education

With a high teacher to student ratio, we can assure your child receives the attention they need.

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3 - 12 years



4 - 12 years

About Us

Our future lifestyle is determined through childhood experience and development. If one receives the fundamentals of quality education in the formative period of life, one is more likely to keep ahead. SMART STEPS provides such a complete learning experience. To use an analogy, a young bamboo can be easily bent or shaped but to reshape it when it has grown and hardened would be a difficult task.

It is now a commonly accepted fact that over 80 per cent of human development occurs before the age of 6 years. During this period the developed mental and emotional tendencies will guide and impact the individual throughout the rest of his/her life. The following link provides the programmes available at our SMART STEPS kindergarten for children aged 3 to 12 years.


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