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Gan Chun Boo (Parent)

He has learned so much. He learns a lot of new things, he’s happy. I don’t have a problem bringing him to school at all, he insists on going! I’m very proud of him. I actually thought that when he goes to kindergarten, I’m going to have to teach him a lot of things, but I was wrong. He’s teaching me new things all the time. About planting, yoga, and all these other things he’s learning. It’s been great and I’m really happy. Thank you!


Yashodara (Parent)

We have been very happy with the progress of our children. They are really interested to go to school. We find that they have developed a lot in not only their reading and writing skills, but their communication skills have really improved. They have learned cooperation and sharing skills.

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Marian (Parent)

I really like Smart Steps. My oldest girl is actually an active girl. She has trouble concentrating, especially academically. But after enrolling her, she has really improved a lot. She has started to read and write. My son also had some difficulty with speech delay. And after enrolling him here, he started talking a lot. And he can even count in mandarin! I have really taken the smart step by joining Smart Steps.


Rupa (Parent)

I’m really glad I chose Smart Steps. It has given me the comfort of knowing my children are in good hands. All the teachers are really good, from the manner they speak to the children to things they teach them.

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