Physical Development

Balancing beams, beanbags, stilts, hula hoops, balls. Building their coordination and balance.


5 to 10 minutes of time focused on breathing, calms the mind and soul.

Writing practices

Tuning the fine motor skills using different tools.

Independent Eating

Encouraging children to eat on their own.

Cultural celebrations

Cultural education broadens the mind and enhances cultural empathy.

Engaging Lessons

Using exciting methods of teaching to keep children engaged.

Halloween Party

Our yearly elaborate celebration keeps children anticipated and excited.


Yoga for kids helps improve memory retention and learning ability.

Role Play

Exposing children to different hobbies and jobs helps them find their true likings.

Cooking Class

Trying recipes that are age appropriate and value nutrition.

Number Games

Using fun ways to incorporate numbers in our everyday life.

Sensory Play

Exploring different senses and textures.

Study Time

Smart Steps has their own syllabus and materials.

Outdoor Play

A safe space for children to play freely.

Mandarin Class

Learning the traditional art of chinese characters.

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