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The Smart Steps Program is a preschool curriculum encompassing the rudiments of New Education, teaching children through; Self confidence, Talent orientation, Playful practical experiences, Empowering their academic skills and creating Successful endeavours.

Pre School

3 to 6 years


Self confidence:

  • Establishing responsibility

  • Encouraging compassion

  • Problem solving & Decision making

  • Board games / Card games

  • Giving children the freedom to grow


Talent oriented:

  • Individualistic talents

  • Identifying and encouraging talents

  • Nurturing their talents

Empowering academic skills:

  • English (Pingu's English)

  • Phonics

  • Bahasa Malaysia

  • Numbers and Mathematics

  • Sensory and Science

  • Computer Education

  • Moral

  • Montessori methods

  • Music and movement

  • Art and crafts

Playful practical experience:

  • Structured learning through play

  • Practical life skills

  • Employs the use of the five senses

Successful endeavours:

  • Knowledge of understanding the world

  • Instilling the drive for knowledge

  • Achieving the unlimited possibilities

We have also incorporated Pingu’s English International Syllabus to our teaching methods. Pingu’s English is an international school for kids with a unique program that combines English Language Teaching with entertainment and safe, happy learning environments in over 20 countries worldwide.

Centered around the Antarctic adventures of lovable kids’ TV character Pingu™, the course uses proven play-based learning techniques to help children aged 3-8+ discover English; a vital, internationally recognized skill that will give them a head-start in life.

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Day Care

Our daycare program is an after school care package. We provide nutritious meals and keep your children intellectually stimulated with fine crafted activities.

Day Care


  • Puzzles

  • Arts and crafts

  • Board games / Card games

  • Outdoor play

  • Reading

  • Role playing

  • Building blocks

  • Homework / Revision


Care package :

  • Lunch

  • Shower

  • Story time

  • Nap time

  • Evening snack

  • Warm cuddles


3 to 12 years


Enrichment classes are designed for parents who are seeking to enrich their children in a specific or favorable class. It is important to let our children explore the world and discover the wonderous abilities within themselves.


4 to 12 years

Classes :

  • Taekwondo

  • Dance

  • Sewing

  • Mandarin

  • Hindi

  • Tamil

  • Agama

  • Private/Group Tuition


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