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What Tantrum?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Q. How do I deal with my child’s tantrums?


Dear parent,

When it comes to children’s tantrums, one of the most important thing to remember is that children are born with a limited ability to control their emotions, especially when they are upset. We have to teach children how to handle their emotions.

You may need to punish a child's behaviour, but emotions shouldn't be punished unless the child is being disruptive or aggressive.

When a child throws tantrums, firstly we need to IGNORE the behaviour. If we entertain or even give an audience to that behaviour, the child will continue to show tantrums. Let her/him to do whatever she/he does and make her/him realise that there is no point of such behaviour. Then once he/she is calmer, we can now ask, what was very upsetting for her/him to demonstrate such a behaviour.

Explain to them the best way to show or verbalise their emotions. Not by throwing tantrums. Paying NO attention to the child who’s throwing tantrums is the best way to remove such behaviour from the them.

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