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The Founder

Early Childhood Educationist, Entrepreneur, Author, Neuro Linguistic Programme Master Practitioner, Master Coach and Consultant


Born in Sungai Petani of Kedah, Malaysia in 1963, Nawarmani Ramachandran (Nawa) was the 9th child of 10. Her father was of working class and her mother a house wife. It was tough times but it gave her a truly fulfilling and rewarding childhood that she is grateful for.

In spite of their hardships, she could just about afford to study in a Tamil Medium Public School and managed to graduate. Nawa then worked as a kindergarten school teacher specializing in early child education with unwavering passion, dedication and love. She saw the immense importance of development in early years and realized the impact of the same in the future of education and its impact on Life.

Nawarmani R. , M.B.A

What makes a great parent?


If you are truly interested in giving your child a good foundation in education or life, you must first transform yourself into a peaceful and loving role model.

- Nawarmani R.

Then, in the year 1996, she took the huge leap and Co-Founded the Krista group of Companies which commits toward pre-school education. Here, she developed “The Capable Pre-School Programme”. A first generation Entrepreneur and Managing Director of the Krista Group, Nawar admirably and successfully managed the company and, it is a force to reckon with today, in Malaysia.


Nawa completed her Diploma in Early Childhood in 2000 and Masters in Business Administration in 2005.

She then moved on to create Awan Sensory Marketing Sdn. Bhd. In 2008. The company took her passion further for advanced research and development of early childhood education and special education. Nawa is also the Master Licensee for Pingu's English in Malaysia, a programme that teaches English in an interactive manner using the incredibly popular and lovable cartoon series “Pingu”.

Nawa has also ventured into a Centre for Speech Therapy which is called SpeecHelp Therapy & Resources Sdn Bhd which is situated in Petaling Jaya. The centre has 5 Speech Language Pathologists and close to 300 clients, mainly children with speech problems.

Some of her achievements in the past years include:

  • Candidate for Malaysian Franchise Association's Women Entrepreneur of 2006

  • The Indian Woman Entrepreneur of 2007 – by The Malaysian Indian Business Association

  • 4 records with Krista Education under The Malaysia Book of Records:

    1. Largest Nursery Rhymes by Children 1997

    2. Longest Painting by Children 2003

    3. Largest Kindergarten Franchise Network 2003

    4. Longest Recycled Colour Pencil Replica 2006

In addition to this, she Co-authored a book on "Tun Dr. Mahathir's Legacy". Nawa is also a Panel writer of Parenthink Magazines on Special Education Needs, Early Childhood Education and Parenting topics; besides holding talks and lectures on the same (including doing parenting talks for numerous organizations namely, Genting Group Berhad, UEM Academy, MARA & FELDA parents).


She has represented Malaysia (as an ECE delegate) to present papers on Early Childhood Education for the British High Commission in Malaysia. She has presented papers for the undergraduate students of University Pendidikan Sultan Idris on Early Childhood Careers and Perspectives. She has also done some entrepreneur development programs for single parents and young ladies.

She provides Training for Kindergarten and Childcare teachers throughout Malaysia both in Private and Government sectors besides training future trainers. She is also a consultant for Special Education centers like Taarana and a consultant for Kindergarten and Childcare centers like Vagdevi, in Malaysia.


Nawa is also a dedicated contributor to professional bodies like IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors), ACEI (Association of Childhood Education International), The Kindergarten Association of Malaysia and the Registered Childcare Association of Malaysia.

She has dedicated more than three decades of her life to the betterment of early childhood education and continues to contribute to society. She trains and counsels teachers and parents and helps Governmental bodies to draft policy guidelines.

Nawa, who has a multifaceted personality, works tirelessly as an Educationist, Entrepreneur, Academician, Counselor, Consultant and Researcher. She is a devoted wife to a supportive husband and the loving mother of one son and three daughters. In spite of her many successes, she is humble, and is always willing to help and guide, with a warm and inviting smile showing on her countenance.

She is currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Education at Asia e University.

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